Imagine Plant is an interior design service specializing in indoor plants in your home as well as at the office. Perhaps the best feature of Imagine Plant is their Guaranteed Plant Replacement Service Plan, which allows you the peace of mind. Your indoor floral decorations will always be the focal point of any room at any time. Paired with the fact that the company has formed a well-oiled partnership with several plant growers, it provides a service which cannot be compared with any other. You will fully benefit from these services and all at a highly competitive price.

The expert team at Imagine Plant uses their expertise in interior-scaping to tailor a plan which best suits your room, home or office. Aside from the design factor, the staff will continually work to keep you satisfied, offering flexible maintenance and installation options.

Existing clients for Imagine Plant include highly sought-after companies, and local businesses such as medical practices, monetary institutions, offices and many eateries. As mentioned previously, Imagine Plant also provides an incomparable service within the residential home.

Imaginably, this company prides itself on its commitment to the environment by sourcing and maintaining their products sustainably. An added touch is the continual work done by both Imagine Plants and restaurants to set-up living walls, enabling restauranteurs to grow their own produce. A subsidiary of Imagine Plants is Imagine Landscapes, where if you want to be really trendy and unique, they can help you set-up a garden on the roof. Here, you are free to grow all things from bright flowers to fruit and fresh produce.

Further to the commitment to a sustainable future, Imagine Plants is a member of several industry groups, these include; Green Plants for Green Buildings, Better Business Bureau, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and they are also Green Roof and Living Wall certified. Moreover, Imagine Plants continues to grow within the community by being a Green Plants for Green Buildings educator.

Services include, but are not limited to;

A free designing and interior assessment where an appropriate design will be created and can be charged on a month to month basis.

Complete guidance through the plant selection process where many factors within your business or home will be taken into consideration. These were natural light and space, floor and furniture layout, climate inside and outside the living space and people move within the area.

Flexible installation and maintenance options, servicing and replacing your plants when needed to keep your space looking contemporary all year.

Can organize the delivery of exotic options, upon request.

Excellent customer service, and can be contacted through several methods, so if you are in need of a service or replacement, it is only one message or phone call away.Customer service will answer any questions you may have, including for a quote, design services, living wall design and service, moss wall design and service as well as exotic products. The team can also organize any special requests you may have in mind.